Sundance Film Festival

What Will it Look Like in 2021?

Sundance Film Festival - January 28  - February 3, 2021

Here's What They're Planning:  Although this planning had started as a response to an economic downturn and global health crisis, it became an opportunity for creative and expansive thinking.  With the knowledge that as of now socially distanced gatherings are permitted in Utah and other states, but travel is greatly reduced — and large events, shuttle buses, and crowded waitlist tents cannot be supported, which may limit the number of theaters we use during the Festival in Utah.

Sundance hoped for better news about the pandemic by January 2021, but we also must plan for the greatest challenges.  At the center of all our planning, the 2021 Sundance Film Festival will have an online home, making the festival accessible in a way it never has been before.