Park City Transit and electric bus manufacturer Proterra have announced Park City Transit will operate a zero-emission Proterra Catalyst shuttle during the 33rd running of the Sundance Film Festival.

“We are excited to complement Sundance’s New Climate programming with Park City’s new zero-emission battery-electric bus,” said Park City Mayor Jack Thomas. “It’s our hope that this preview of our new Proterra fleet to visitors from around the world will inspire others to consider clean, quiet electric transit in their communities.”

Park City Transit has purchased a total of six Proterra Catalyst buses, with the full fleet be deployed June 2017.

This isn’t just a warm and fuzzy, tree-hugging sort of move – Park City Council’s Becca Gerber said the new route the fleet will travel should boost ridership up to 38 percent and decrease costs by almost 16% per passenger. With increased ridership will come decreased emissions, through residents ditching their vehicles in favour of bus travel.  READ MORE

Proterra Catalyst electric busIsn’t it about time to #ridethebus
Thanks Park City for making this possible.


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