Mayflower Resort Opens It's Doors For Apartment Leasing


KPCW | By Ben Lasseter
Published April 5, 2023 
The Pioche Village Apartments at the site of the Mayflower construction site open to long-term tenants this month.
Tenants could move into apartments at the Mayflower Resort before the end of April. 

After supply-chain issues in mid-2022 and blizzards this winter, Mayflower Resort rental apartments that hit construction delays will have occupants this month.

Leases at two of the four buildings in the Pioche apartment complex will begin April 17, a developer said this week. One building will have 120 units, and the other includes 42. All but 20 of the units at the two buildings open to tenants this month through property manager CooperWynn.

Prices range from $1,500 for an unfurnished studio to $3,000 for a furnished two-bedroom apartment, according to Extell Utah Vice President of Development Brooke Hontz. She also said people can email [email protected] to get on a waiting list for rentals.

At the Pioche apartment complex, units that become available to long-term tenants this month include studio, one-bedroom and 2-bedroom homes, including furnished and unfurnished options.

None of them have been leased yet. CooperWynn is compiling a list of people who want apartments.

They’re the first long-term rentals after one building opened to short-term tenants as a trial over the past winter.

The other two Pioche buildings are expected to include 120 units each and open in fall 2023.

Extell Utah Executive Vice President of Resort Development Kurt Krieg met with the MIDA Board Tuesday. He said construction of a hotel that will offer a military discount has continued slowly but steadily through the snowy winter. MIDA is the Military Installation Development Authority, a state governing body that oversees the Mayflower project.

He said as the snowpack thaws, construction crews will face a new challenge: flooding.

“We're sitting on roughly 140-plus inches of what is called compressed or settled snow,” Krieg said. “That equates to 45 inches of water. So, we have a tremendous amount of water sitting above us, and at this stage we are preparing for the onslaught of the snowmelt coming off. We think there's about a three-week period that we’ll be managing to ensure that we don't have flooding.”

He said crews are prepared for snowmelt with sandbags, pumps and other equipment.

Construction of the skier services complex has reached five above-ground stories. In total, the facility will include 13 stories, seven of them above ground.
Construction of the Morale Welfare Recreation Facility Hotel and Conference Center at the Mayflower project site has reached five above-ground stories. In total, the facility will include 13 stories, seven of them above ground.

Krieg said contractors have completed the fifth floor of the hotel above ground. In total, it will include 13 floors, seven of them above ground, and it’s expected to reach full height by this summer. Construction could be complete by late 2024.

According to Krieg, 22 condos included in the hotel complex are under contract as of this week.

The 600,000-square-foot, 13-story hotel is estimated to cost $420 million.

Planners confirmed another project, the base complex — which includes the hotel, condos, commercial space and restaurants all connected by the same foundation — is set to become the largest building in Wasatch County. Known as the skier services complex, it's in earlier construction phases and not vertical yet.

Plans approved last year also include more than 100 condos, a fitness center, commercial space and restaurants. The complex will be situated between the base area ski lifts, parking lots and a plaza with ice skating.

Skiing at the Mayflower isn’t expected until late 2024.

During a late March discussion about the state of the local ski industry, Deer Valley President and COO Todd Bennett said negotiations for his company to operate Mayflower lifts are still underway with Extell. If Deer Valley operates Mayflower lifts, Bennett said snowboarding would not be allowed there.



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