Park City Wine Festival

Park City, Utah, is also home to an annual wine festival called the Park City Wine Festival. The festival is held in the fall and offers a wide range of events for wine lovers. 

During the festival, visitors can attend tastings, seminars, and wine-pairing dinners, featuring wines from around the world. Some of the events are held outdoors, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery while sipping on their favorite wines. 

The Park City Wine Festival also offers educational opportunities for wine enthusiasts, including seminars on wine making, pairing, and tasting. Guests can learn from experts in the wine industry and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of wine. 

The festival attracts a diverse group of wine lovers, from casual enthusiasts to serious collectors. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover new wines, meet fellow wine lovers, and explore the beautiful town of Park City. 

Overall, the Park City Wine Festival is a popular and highly anticipated event in the region, offering a unique blend of wine, education, and entertainment in a stunning mountain setting. 

October 5-7, 2023. 

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