Egyptian Theatre's Park City Holiday Spectacular and Sing-Along


A Harmonious Tradition

Park City, Utah, rings in the holidays with the Egyptian Theatre's Holiday Spectacular and Sing-Along. This annual event brings the community together for an evening of festive melodies, heartwarming performances, and shared holiday spirit.


Voices Unite

Under the theatre's elegant roof, attendees of all ages unite in song during the joyous sing-along. Led by a variety of local performers, the crowd transforms into a harmonious choir, filling the air with timeless holiday tunes that warm the heart and soul.


Magic on Stage

Beyond the singing, the event showcases an array of captivating performances, including a visit from Santa Claus! From classic holiday songs to lively dances, the stage comes alive with vibrant costumes, dazzling lights, and heartwarming tales that capture the essence of the season.


Embrace the Festivities

The Egyptian Theatre's Holiday Spectacular invites you to immerse yourself in the holiday magic. Join in the communal joy, lift your voice in song, and relish in the shared celebration that reminds us of the true spirit of the season.


For an unforgettable night that embodies the holiday essence through music and unity, the Egyptian Theatre's Holiday Spectacular and Sing-Along is the perfect choice. Experience the enchantment, create lasting memories, and revel in the warmth of this cherished seasonal tradition.


This event is held during December dates. See parkcityshows.com for show schedules.

Tickets can be purchased on parkcityshows.com or at the door ahead of the show.